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    BERG Rally Orange Kids Pedal Go Kart

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    DINO X-Trail AF Adult Go Kart

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    The Wooden Go Kart

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  • £ 639.99

    Recommended for all aged 5 years to Adult How much fun is this? Fancy sharing a ride with someone? This brilliant DINO Side Car is a very sturdy and safe three wheel go kart with an extra seat to the side that has been designed and made for sharing. 

    £ 639.99
  • £ 179.99
    1 Review(s)

    Recommended age: 8 to Adults Requires Self Assembly

    £ 179.99
  • £ 59.99

    Complete set of headlight, red LED light for the rear and two reflectors. So you will know for sure that you are safe and visible on your pedal go-kart in the dark.*Note: Will only fit full size go karts

    £ 59.99
  • £ 509.99 £ 549.99

    Price Reduction

    Recommended for all aged 5 years upwards This all active and smart DINO X-Trail is brilliant value for money and is a very sturdy and safe four wheel go kart that has been designed for use in both the home and commercial environment. Looking very 'SMART' in the very HOT striking Red Colour.  

    £ 509.99 £ 549.99
  • £ 244.99

    Recommended for children aged 3 upwards This fabulous children's DINO Baby is a very sturdy and safe three wheel go kart that has been designed for use by children in both the home and commercial environments.

    £ 244.99
  • £ 359.99

    Recommended for children aged 4 - 12 Now there's a real Jeep go kart for all the children and youngest adventurers.

    £ 359.99
  • £ 459.99

    Recommended for aged 5 upwards This fantastic BERG Extra Sport BFR go kart is both a classic and a favourite based on more than 25 year of manufacturing experience. The wheels run fast and smoothly thanks to the roll-bearings. Steering can be done with just one finger due to the double ball bearing equipped steering mechanism.

    £ 459.99
  • £ 119.99

    Recommended for children aged 2 - 5 For younger children we are happy to bring you the Buzzy range of karts and in particular this very fashionable and popular BERG Buzzy Bloom.

    £ 119.99

Welcome to GoKarts4u


Thank you for stopping by at GoKarts4u where we have put together a fantastic range of pedal go karts for all the family to enjoy.

From the traditional original wooden go kart, to the very strong and superbly constructed pedal go karts from DINO and BERG, two of the world's largest manufacturers of go-karts, we can offer you a go kart to suit everyone's requirements.

Each go kart has been constructed with safety first in mind using specially selected first class materials combined with state of the art technology resulting in the highest build quality of standards.

With all our go karts you can rest assured that you will have a top quality product, with a range to suit everyone from the very youngest to the more mature adult - there's something for everybody!


Free Delivery to Mainland UK & Wales


Free Delivery

We provide free delivery for all of our go karts & accessories to Mainland UK & Wales. Read more about this on our Deliveries page.

Top Brand Pedal Go Karts

Here at GoKarts4u we have built up over the years very good relationships with our go kart suppliers/manufacturers, including the top two suppliers in the world.

The one thing they all have in common is that their go karts are built to the highest quality using the latest technology available and to the highest safety standards that can be expected - so in short, they are all basically the same and your choice will come down to what you what your go kart to do and the way the go kart looks.


Dino Pedal Go Kart

DINO-CARS® stands for superior German quality and design which is why we can provide a 2 year guarantee on our Dino go karts and a 5 year frame guarantee.

All DINO-CARS® are both CE marked and are TUV approved.


Berg Pedal Go Kart

The aim of BERG is, through its sustainable way of working, to enable as many children as possible to become engaged in creative and active interaction.

All BERG go karts come with a two year guarantee on the parts and a five year guarantee on the frame.


The Wooden Go Kart Co

Our Wooden Go Carts are made from solid beech hardwood, responsibly sourced from European forests, the seat is from waterproof ply wood.

The wheels are made in England from tough polyproplyene with solid rubberised tyres, running on German engineered bearings.