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Leisure & commercial

Here at GoKarts4U we are pleased to offer you a selection of Leisure and Commercial go-karts for use in Theme Parks, Visitor Attractions, Holiday Parks, Farm Parks and many more situations.

BERG & DINO Heavy Duty Leisure & Commercial Go-Karts

We can supply a number of go-karts to suit the leisure and commercial markets from two of the world's biggest go-kart manufacturers DINO and BERG.

BERG Leisure & Commercial Go Karts from GoKarts4u
DINO Leisure & Commercial Go Karts from GoKarts4u

The DINO Trike SideCar as featured in the Haven Holidays' TV advert 2018

Leisure and commercial go-karts are built for both continuous and heavy use using the very highest quality components and the best engineering processes. Built to the highest of standards and robustness, they need little maintenance, thus making sure that you get the most running time from your go-karts.

Theme Parks, Camp Sites, Holiday Parks, Farm Parks & Visitor Attractions

If you run a theme park, campsite, holiday park, farm park or any sort of visitor attraction, it might be worth considering an ROI (Return on Investment) purchase. For a small upfront investment, you can make some serious profit over the lifetime of a go-kart through renting or hiring out your go-karts to your visitors. Please enquire for examples.

DINO Heavy Duty Go Karts from GoKarts4u
DINO Robust Leisure & Commercial Go-Karts

Every go-kart needs a little maintenance on them, but because the leisure and commercial range are built using commercial standard components, then you will find that many of the components last longer and therefore reduce repair costs.

Quick Provision of Go-kart Spares

Spares for all the leisure and commercial range are available at very quick notice and therefore making sure that if you do encounter a problem with your go-kart, that it can be back up and running in a very short time.

BERG Product Brochures

View our BERG product brochures in pdf format

For Further Information...

To discuss further an Investment & Return on Investment purchase or just to discuss the go-karts in the commercial range, please call us on 0800 246 5803.

BERG Robust Leisure & Commercial Go-Karts
DINO Twin with Steel Rims

See our Range of BERG & DINO Heavy Duty Leisure & Commercial Go-Karts