DINO Two Seater + MPT


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Comes complete with Multi-Purpose Trailer (MPT) 

Suitable for all Oversized go-karts

Kids love to have a trailer to pull around on their go-kart and this DINO Two Seater attachment will provide the children with many hours of fun.

VAT included


Designed to be used with the DINO range of go-karts, this sturdy built trailer attachment is made in Germany and is simple to just hook it onto your DINO go-kart and off you go - it's that simple.

Extend the fun of your go-kart with a DINO Two-Seater that once hitched up, you will be able to take two extra friends around with you.

The DINO Two-Seater can take 2 extra people, with a combined weight limit of 80kgs

DINO Two-Seater Features:

  • Super Comfortable Seats
  • Armrests for Added Safety
  • Fits Easily to the DINO MPT (Multi-Purpose Trailer)
  • Meets the CE and TUV standards

DINO Two Seater Dimensions:

  • Length: 71cms (2' 4")
  • Width: 52cms (1' 8½")
  • Height: 115cms (3' 9")
  • Weight: 16kgs

DINO Multi Purpose Trailer (MPT) Dimensions:
Length: 98cms (3' 1")
Width: 14cms (5½ ")
Height: 30cms (1' 0")

Weight: 6kgs

Further enhance your go-kart with our range of passenger seats, trailers and lifting systems

Product Details

Data sheet

Height115cms (3' 9")
Length72cms (2' 4")
Width52cms (1' 8½")
Warranty1 year guarantee against defects in materials and manufacture
Technical Data/Assembly Instructions

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  1. Go-kart dimensions are approximate and may change without notice.
  2. Go-karts for older children and adults will require some straight-forward assembling.
  3. Go-karts for younger children will generally come already assembled.

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