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Recommended for aged 5 upwards

The BERG XXL frame is ideal for people taller than average height. The XXL Frame BFR has the standard BFR system, but with a reinforced and extended frame (4” - 10cms). 

This officially licensed BERG XL Claas BFR go-kart is not only striking and stunning but very cool to look at.

VAT included


This extra-long BERG XXL Claas BFR go-kart comes with a reinforced and robust framework to make it even stronger than normal. 

The BERG XXL frame is ideal for people taller than average height. The XXL Frame BFR has the standard BFR system, but with a reinforced and extended frame (4” - 10cms). The main difference is that the XXL Frame has two extra positions at the back of the frame, so there are eight different positions instead of six. This ensures that taller people can sit better and more comfortably in the go-kart.

By combining both the Swing Axle with pneumatic tyres, this go-kart gives you grip, balance and stability whilst giving you a comfortable ride and making light work of pedalling.

As part of the trac range of go-karts, it is a strong, impressive and robust go-kart that has been designed based on the real Claas tractors using more than 25 years of manufacturing experience.

Thanks to the oversize rugged farm style pneumatic tyres, extra-large ones at the rear, this go-kart can go virtually anywhere and handle any surface with ease. With its aerodynamic spoiler and pneumatic tyres, you will run quicker than everyone else as well as being much quieter thanks to the roll and ball bearings incorporated in the go-kart.

The wheels run fast and smoothly thanks to the roll-bearings. Steering can be done with just one finger due to the double ball bearing equipped steering mechanism.

This go-kart comes with an adjustable seat giving the user many years of excitement and happiness with this go-kart as they grow with it taking them from a child through to adult.

The tough, solid and durable frame go-kart is just brilliant for playing outdoors because of the BFR hub system that is inbuilt. This allows to both freewheel and use it as a coaster brake. And it is definitely a safe choice since you have a back-pedal brake. That gives you the opportunity to drive both forward and backward, and you also have a freewheel.

Built to be very sturdy and safe, a smooth ride is also guaranteed due to the swing axle. 

BERG XXL Claas BFR Features:

  • Extra Long (4” - 10cms) Frame
  • Very Robust and Reinforced Frame
  • Complete with Aerodynamic Spoiler and Rear Mudguards
  • BFR Hub System – allows the user to go forwards and backwards
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Pneumatic Tyres
  • Extra Comfortable
  • Swing Axle
  • Handbrake and Parking Brake
  • Striking Theme
  • Meets the CE and TUV standards

BERG has adjusted its go-karts so that most users will be able to pedal easy and comfortably. However, if you feel that it is too heavy to pedal your go-kart, it is now possible to purchase a different crank-set which will make pedalling easier. Please call for details.

BFR Hub System (Brake, Freewheel and Reverse)
The BFR Hub System allows you to brake using the pedals until you come to a standstill, and then backpedalling allows you to go in reverse.

Further enhance your go-kart with our range of accessories, passenger seats and trailers.

Product Details

Data sheet

Age Range5 years to adult
Height102cms (3' 4")
Length171cms (5' 7")
Width88cms (2' 10")
Max User Weight100.0kgs (15st 10lbs)
Warranty2 years guarantee - (Extended to 5 years if registered online within 1 month)
Special OrderYes

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  1. Go-kart dimensions are approximate and may change without notice.
  2. Go-karts for older children and adults will require some straight-forward assembling.
  3. Go-karts for younger children will generally come already assembled.

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