BERG XXL Deutz Fahr E-BFR-3 Go-Kart


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Recommended age: 6+ years (not to be used by under 6’s due to speed)

Same as the XXL Deutz Fahr E-BFR but with 3 Extra Gears.

As part of the Farm range of go-karts, BERG brings you this cool looking Electric BERG XXL Deutz Fahr E-BFR-3 Go-Kart.

VAT included


Same as the XXL Deutz Fahr E-BFR but with 3 Extra Gears.

This cool and stylish looking go-kart, the BERG Deutz Fahr E-BFR-3 go-kart offers you the finest in Electric powered machines and comes with 3 Extra Gears to make life easier. Built on the XXL Frame, the go-kart offers a fantastic driving experience due to its lightweight, dual drive and 3 extra gears.

XXL frame is the standard in this range of go-karts, so an adult can comfortably use it. Adds an extra
10 cms to the overall go-kart length over the standard frame.

Thanks to its E-BFR Drive System, and 3 extra gears, the Deutz Fahr Electric makes for a quick, easy and even faster start. As well as changing gears, the E-Motor will also help you get going faster. The harder you pedal the more support is provided by the engine.

It’s fitted with a 250-watt mid-mounted engine and torque sensor. There are 4 different support levels, Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. Depending on which degree of support is selected, the go-kart can be driven between 2 and 4 hours before needing charging.

The Deutz Fahr Electric Go-kart can reach speeds of up to 16 km per hour. The 24V/240Wh battery is removable making it easy to charge.

Comes with several great features including pneumatic tyres, adjustable seats and a Digital Display Screen showing the speed and remaining battery charge.

BERG XXL Deutz Fahr E-BFR-3 Features:

  • Fitted with a 250-watt Mid-Mounted Engine with Torque Sensor
  • Complete with 3 Extra Gears to make Life Easier
  • Digital Display Screen for Speed and Battery Condition
  • XXL Frame adds 10 cms More to the Length Over the Standard Frame
  • Adjustable Seat via 8 Positions
  • Complete with Rear Mudguards, Exhaust and Front Spoiler
  • Striking Theming to Go-Kart
  • Deep Tread Pneumatic Tyres
  • Parking Brake
  • Extra Reinforced and Robust Frame
  • Meets the CE and TUV standards

E-BFR Hub System (Brake, Freewheel and Reverse)

The E-BFR Hub System allows you to brake using the pedals until you come to a standstill, and then backpedalling allows you to go in reverse.

Further enhance your go-kart with our range of accessories, passenger seats and trailers.

Product Details

Data sheet

Age Range6 years to adult
Height102cms (3' 4")
Length171cms (5' 7")
Width88cms (2' 10")
Max User Height210cms
Max User Weight100.0kgs (15st 10lbs)
RangeElectric Powered
Warranty2 years guarantee - (Extended to 5 years if registered online within 1 month)
Technical Data/Assembly Instructions

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  1. Go-kart dimensions are approximate and may change without notice.
  2. Go-karts for older children and adults will require some straight-forward assembling.
  3. Go-karts for younger children will generally come already assembled.

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